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Offshore Exploration

Envoi is seeking an offshore operator interested in an opportunity to unlock large oil potential in an undrilled Pre-Salt play offshore Northern Gabon. Envoi’s client has identified and evaluated an undrilled carbonate play in the region and is offering its knowledge and data on the opportunity to an experienced company with a view to earning a carry if an application and associated work programme is progressed.

The area of interest covers a large area of offshore Northern Gabon, in the vicinity of the Port Gentil Basin where pre-salt carbonates leads and prospects defined on existing 2D data remain totally undrilled. Significantly, this undrilled play area already has direct play analogues in proven-producing fields to the south offshore Congo and Cabinda/Kwanza and also across the Atlantic in the Santos-Campos basins offshore Brazil which evolved on the opposite side of the same basin as the early Atlantic rift margin spread.

Only 5 pre-salt wells have so far been drilled in the entire 75,000km2 area of interest, where old 2D data shows undrilled leads with estimated resource potential between 250 MMboe and 750 MMboe lying in currently open acreage. Previous exploration of pre-salt targets was carried out by others but although previous exploration was based on a coherent play model, Envoi’s client is able demonstrate from their new work, that the exploration was inappropriately focused.

Interested parties are being invited to access the data, detailed report and evaluation over the area of interest after execution of a CA and Non-compete agreement. This would enable companies to accelerate their review of this highly prospective undrilled play area, with a view to short circuiting preparations for a possible Licence application comprising a work programme commitment for the acquisition of new state of the art 3D data.

Envoi’s client will provide detailed technical insight into the area of interest, along with all the available data to support the play potential and the specific focus areas, in return for a negotiated carry through any application and committed work programme including any new seismic acquisition and any initial exploration drilling which physically tests the new play.